Listening to music

I haven’t really posted in awhile, I figured posting while still heart broken was a bad idea because ANYONE can find out what I’m doing online right? Anyway, funny story… I’m agendered! It took a while for me to process this. It was slow and then all at once. Eight months ago, I was filling out some college forms, and I realized that I was no longer really comfortable with my gender. It just happened. Just suddenly. I’d always went with female because that’s what I was born as, I have a vagina. I have a family who has always addressed me as a female and I have friends who have never heard of me being anything besides female. I didn’t like that. I didn’t feel like my “label” fit. So I explored. you’d be surprised how hostile people get when you start exploring the non-binary world of gender. Cisgendered people, love ’em to death I do, can be some of the most judgemental people. I don’t think they realize what they’re doing though. My brother said this, “I don’t understand, you’re born the way you’re born.” So I accepted them as they are, and ignored the hate mail I received from some people. Love goes on, life goes on. And I’m agendered.


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