Dealing with a Break Up

So everyone knows that some romantic reltionships end. Yes. They do indeed (and I extend sorrow and empathy to anyone who has recently been either heart broken or just plain hurt by any relationship). However, once a relationship ends, certain things are established between the individuals involved. Interaction, friendship status, etc. Things involving what kind of relationship will happen afterward generally.

Recently my Ex, who broke up with me and I have yet to figure out how we went from 60 to 0 in the matter of a few words, did some things that really really hurt me and I wish to share. Here’s a few things to do if you both decide a friendship will work:

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Storytelling Is Not Lecturing; Lecturing is Not Storytelling

User Generated Education

I sit in the lecture hall with 10,000 others waiting for my new teacher to speak. I look at my cell phone and silently groan that this in going to be a long hour; as long an hour as an hour can be as is typically the case when I listen to a lecture.   She begins, “Let me tell you about Uncle Willie.”  I take a deep breath of relief and settle in to hear her story.

I came at the age of three to Grandma and my Uncle Willie in this little town in Arkansas. Uncle Willie was paralyzed on the right side. My grandmother and Uncle Willie owned a little store in town, and they needed me and my brother to work in the store. So Momma taught me to read and write, and my Uncle Willie taught me to do my times tables. He…

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