The Abortion Debate

In my goverment class we have à debate every two weeks about something controversial. This week it was abortion.

Now that we have the story behind WHY I am talking about abortion, I have a cool story to share.

Our class sets up a debate on either side, for and against in this case, and neither side is allowed to skimp out just because it isn’t what they believe in. Everyone is a part of the debate.

The side that wanted to restrict or get rid of abortion made a few common errors that happen when everyone in the area you live in is of similiar religion – they made it religious and they forgot to focus on other aspects of the debate because of it. There is nothing wrong with religion and there is nothing wrong with using your religion to make décisions for yourself but in a decision that mixes cultures, religions, and ethnicities, there has to be a certain amount of withholding.

The opposing side was therefore more prepared because in the very beginning we, as a class, stated that no religious influences can be used as an argument.

To be honest, it was a very good debate. Neither side gave in, but this usually happens. There was no fighting, yelling, or rough housing of any kind and I was proud of us for it. It is hard to debate something as controversial as abortion without someone getting their toes stepped on.

Abortion is a tricky subject. But If you get your opinion out and accept that others aren’t going to think the same way as you, then everyone will be alright.


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