So on friday of this week (STORYTIME. I feel like this is going to be the theme of my blog) I was in the computer lab with a couple of friends to complete an assignment and one of the things we were working on was healthcare jobs. We were told to research two therapeutic jobs and two general jobs. Then we’d compose a report on the jobs detailing their tasks, requirements, pay, and licensing. 

Well my friends and I decided to work on it together. 

One male, we’ll call him G so he can stay anonymous, decides to do nursing. A very good job in my opinion that is just as important as any other job in the hospital. G decides to use a certain site and within this certain site it has a specific job title of “Male Nurse”. He laughs, saying that males shouldn’t be nurses and that males who can’t be doctors obviously have done something to divert their attention from their chosen career path.

He states that he always thinks of nurses as females and when I point out that this is rather sexist towards males and females, he says he supposes so. But technically he isn’t sexist. When I say there is no technicality here he gets very offended saying that it isn’t his fault because most nurses ARE female.

We didn’t have time to stay at the computer library any longer so we went out separate ways after that. I was very disappointed in G. I really hope he realizes that saying these things is sexist. Telling a male to not be a nurse is just as bad as telling a female to get back in the kitchen. It hurts the person. Limiting a person’s ambitions merely because of their gender or sex is silly and thoughtless. 

I really do hope he sees that. 


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