Always Ask

Story time! and a little advice. I had a weird experience today. I don’t use tumblr as often as I used to and I have been unable to use it for about three months now because I’m busy and focusing on school work. I got on it last week for a few minutes and this week for a cumulative hour or so. Then today. I got on today and began reblogging things my best friend was reblogging and hitting the like button shaped like a heart. Scroll, scroll, scroll… pause…., scroll, scroll, etc. It was weird though because when we’re on at the same time she always has reblogged something from me. Nothing. There was nothing from her in my activities so I checked my followers and saw she had unfollowed me and I was hurt. I thought “Not only does she think I’m not good enough to date but I’m not good enough to follow on tumblr?” and it just hurt everywhere and all at once (it’s not that rational but I can’t help it) . I mean, we have very similar tastes so I know it wasn’t because of what I was blogging. So I asked her whether she unfollowed me casually, like it wasn’t a big deal to me, and she said she had shortly after ‘we’ broke up because she thought I might post sensitive information on tumblr that wasn’t for her. Her thoughtless thoughtfulness has three issues 1.) I have never posted anything about personal relations on tumblr and never would and she forgot to take that into account. 2.) She didn’t ask and assumed and didn’t tell me so I ended up being hurt. 3.) She forgot to take into account that I haven’t been using tumblr. All these things accumulated to pain. It hurts. She should know me better, I’ve told her about my absence on tumblr and she’s seen what I post. So I end up hurt. The advice is this: If you’re going to stay friends with someone you have broken up with, for their sake, please tell them what you’re doing. If you’re unfollowing them on all social media to give yourself some space – SAY THAT – or else they’ll get hurt. People jump to conclusions, they can’t help it. Communication is still important even in friendship. You don’t have to tell them everything, just enough that they know what’s going on and aren’t going to get hurt.


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