*GASP* Scandalous I know, but I just need to clear the air around me by talking on this subject. If you’re a hermit who doesn’t see that the world is changing and accepting new things then I am not about to bother you. Just…. look the other way. If you are a well-educated person who doesn’t believe in more than one sexuality I have nothing to say to you and I’m sorry if anything I say offends you. You don’t have to continue reading. That being said, may those who I haven’t already offended or scared away continue on with their reading.

I, myself, am a Demi-sexual. Let me explain — a demisexual is someone who can only become physically attracted, as in “wow please kiss me you’re hot”, after they have a mental connection, as in friendship or another/stronger emotional bond. Now the degree of mental connection varies from person to person. I discovered that I am physically attracted after going, “She/he’s my bestfriend! And we’re dating! And I ADORE them. Well love them….” Yup. I’m a bit on the extreme side of the spectrum. Wiki states, “demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. It’s more commonly seen in but by no means confined to romantic relationships.” (By the way: I highly suggest AVENwiki for anything about sexualities. I have never been taught wrong by them but, for the sake of my beating heart, please cross check)

So a demi-sexual gets extremely attached to their partners before physical relations please them. I walk by someone in the hall and see a person with blue eyes while someone else might go, “GOD THEY ARE HOT.” I seriously don’t understand the term hot or sexy. I understand gorgeous, handsome, pretty, and cute (not the “I would do them” cute but the “awwww” cute) because I can see how their genetics and physicality can be taken and analyzed. But physical descriptions that display how your body might react to them do not mean anything to me. When asked to rate people on that {*cough*stupid*cough*} one to ten scale I end up saying random numbers. I understand that some people are attractive, I can see the mathematics and genetics applied, but I am not affected by said attractiveness. If that makes sense. Sorry, it’s quite hard to describe.

When mentally assessing a person, I don’t even get attached until I hang out with them or connect via a medium. My best friend, who so happens to be my ex, and I connected via music (our relationship evolved SUPER fast and after about six months she dumped me because she thought we wouldn’t last due to our age, age differences, the fact that I am going to be moving away in a year combined with her distaste towards long-distance relationships, and I have personality flaws. I am still heartbroken and if you check an earlier post you’ll see more on this topic). Music was our medium. I can connect in other ways. It’s just that I need the chance to see your personality. I need to see what makes you happy, sad, and ecstatic. I have several friends over the internet merely because I understand them. If that clears anything up then let’s move on — to why I have stated my sexuality.

Our school has a GSA club, GSA being short for Gay-Straight Alliance because they can’t do LGBTQIA in one club name so all varying sexualities get put under one of those two categories and don’t ask because I don’t understand either. We had officer elections today and the more I watched the people applying to more I saw people who wished to help.

These people weren’t all gay. They weren’t all bisexual or demi-sexual or anything like that. There were a few heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, and then me. I was so impressed that we had a mix of sexualities that I forgot to see that the most underrepresented sexualities weren’t there or were just me.

Yet I’m fine with that. I’m just happy people are getting the representation they need. Do you know how aggravating it is to watch as someone is picked apart over the fact that they kiss someone of the same gender as them? Or that they go from dating a male to a female and get harassed for it? Seriously, it’s heart-wrenching. I was scolded by my BROTHER of all people. It hurts and I… I’m so happy that people are getting represented.

I am happier today than I have been since April 21st.

I just wanted to share that really short story that ended up being really long because I felt the need to explain what demi-sexual is. It’s disheartening how many people are undereducated of the sexualities. 


I’ll chat again when I have another interesting tad-bit to expand upon.


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