Well Then.

I am at home today due to a fever of 102 and a headache.

That, and do you réalisé how hard it is to talk to someone when they have….. Decided to lessen your relationship to what it is now (thé accented letters are part of my phone’s autocorrect, I don’t know why)?

Kinda hurts, and more so than my splitting headache.

Anyway, story time I geuss. So friday before thé weekend there was à couple having à really loud argument in thé commons (commons of my school). This argument was basically stupid as most are. Thé female décidéd she wanted to break up.

Now thé super idiotic thing is thé male of this conversation. This Guy exploded. Hé was ranting and raving about how she couldn’t break up with him and it wasn’t her décision. At this point I was willing to hit thé Guy but then she slaps him. Open palm and loud, he’s standing there stunned as she says something on how it’s over. While he’s still in shock, she turns and leaves.

Hé started crying and I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.
I shall talk to you when another story cômes along.


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