Now that that’s done

How about a post? A funny story maybe? Maybe a serious one? I dunno, but let’s get one with the story.

I was reading a book the other day about  being a psychopath and how that effects one’s life and I finished the book pretty quickly, not a long read by any means just a bit wordy, and then sat stunned for a few minutes. My brother is pretty aggressive, easy to influence by those who aren’t his family and he has no empathy whatsoever. I swear, he’s like a human chameleon.

And he has almost every quality of a psychopath. The person who wrote this book is a neurologist who is very qualified and also a psychopath. It appears that this person lists traits and qualities almost exactly describing my brother. I was pretty stunned but at the same time my brother is these things. It was weird and, funny thing was,  after telling my parents via offering them the book they agreed with me.


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